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 Learn how to make a signature By.Aletoso design from scratch that includes of a number of his exclusive techniques using what you have at home. 

Camilo Murcia is a world reknowned buttercream cake designer who is originally from Colombia, and who has lived in Brisbane, Australia for 12 years. His passion for architecturally inspired design, shapes, colours and textures began during his career as an Industrial Designer. However, it wasn't until he became a Chef that Camilo found his real passion for cakes



Make those special occasions unforgettable with a unique piece from By.Aletoso Luxury Cakes. While Camilo is best known for great for his extravagant and colourful designs, he is just as focused on the taste and flavours of his cakes. Using all natural and very high quality ingredients, his cakes are a complete sensory experience from inside to out.